Welcome to the Children Are Special Pediatric Network


Children ARE Special (CARES) Pediatric Network is a physician­-owned entity that brings together some of the best pediatricians in North Texas under one umbrella into a financially and clinically integrated pediatric network to create one of the largest private pediatric practices in Texas.

Our Mission is to preserve the private practice of pediatricians and allow pediatricians to chart their own destiny rather than relying on a hospital system or ACO. We believe that keeping the private pediatrician in control of the delivery of care is best for the children, the pediatrician, and best for healthcare in North Texas.

The Goals of CARES

  1. Improve managed care reimbursement rates by leveraging a large number of pediatricians under one tax ID number.
  2. Determine best practices that improve quality and lower costs.
  3. Collect quality management data to deliver to managed care companies in the new pay for performance model of reimbursement.
  4. Negotiate on behalf of pediatricians, vaccine reimbursement that is commensurate with the cost of providing these necessary services.
  5. Create a Care Coordination Model with the use of an EMR that allows the pediatricians to control the cost of care and to seamlessly refer patients to sub-specialists and facilities in a value based system.
  6. Provide a sound revenue cycle management platform that collects all revenue that can be captured for the pediatricians.
  7. Decrease operating costs by creating operational efficiencies and purchasing power and provide HR services that historically have not been available to small groups or solo pediatricians.
  8. Expand the types of services that children need in North Texas, but are unavailable to access at this time.
  9. Create investment opportunities, that to date, have not been offered to private practice pediatricians.