How to do a bowel prep for pediatric colonoscopies by Jack An, M.D

Jack An, M.D

Pediatric Gastroenterologist of Digestive Health Associates of Texas


How to do a bowel prep for pediatric colonoscopies

Your child will be on a clear liquid diet 24 hours prior to test. Your child is allowed to have water, clear juices, Gatorade, clear broth soup, Jell-O, Popsicles, or plain hard candy. Your child is to avoid anything with caffeine and all carbonated beverages.


Give your child green magnesium citrate the day before the procedure. The amount of magnesium citrate given is based on your child’s age, you give one ounce for every year of age. i.e, if your child is age 10, you would give 10 ounces.


You will also need to give 1 Dulcolax suppository approximately one hour before going to bed and then again the next morning one hour prior to coming to the hospital.

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